2016 Prius goes to Superbowl 50

February 9th, 2016 by

Toyota chose the 2016 Prius as the subject for their Superbowl 50 commercial that has people talking. After four awkward bank robbers figure out that their getaway car has been towed they steal a red Prius, leaving a bag of money behind for the owner.

2016 Prius

2016 Prius meets The Wire

Fans of the HBO drama The Wire will recognize the robbers as the Sobotka family, a Polish group of criminals featured in the show. The characters, played by James Ransone, Chris Bauer, and Pablo Schreiber, consider an Uber ride before deciding that the Prius is the best choice.

A “Wire” reunion was surprising, even to the show’s creator, David Simon.

“I watched it like everyone else and I was amused as many were,” he wrote in an email. “I had no prior knowledge of anything, not even from the actors with whom I stay in touch. It made for a fun surprise.”

The ad drew attention and no doubt more than a few chuckles from the Superbowl watching public. In spite of its funny story line, the message came through loud and clear. Prius is a versatile, dependable, efficient vehicle that could absolutely transport otherwise not-so-smart bank robbers from the scene of the crime and to freedom better than any other car.

2016 Prius wants you to rethink what you know about hybrids

The all-new 2016 Toyota Prius is a fourth-generation model with advanced engineering that includes innovative safety features, advanced technology, and a completely new exterior design. A lower center of gravity, more rigid body, and double wishbone rear suspension make this the most comfortable and easy to drive Prius, yet.

Around the globe, Prius has sold 3.5 million units, so even before these improvements, it filled an important niche in the automobile world. With excellent gas mileage, a futuristic interior, and a larger overall size, this car is poised to become one of the most popular ways to get around in the world.

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