Toyota XP Packages

Toyota XP Series

What is the Toyota X Series?

The first thing we search for in a car is reliability and comfort; as we all know Toyota is specially designed to give you that and more. That is why Toyota brings to its customers the opportunity to differentiate from others. At South Dade Toyota we want you to drive out of our facility owning a new vehicle while feeling confident, comfortable and; more importantly, special.

That is why Toyota brings you the opportunity to adjust your selected car and make a few adjustments to make it more attractive. The X Series was developed to open up a wide amount of options for you to style and customize your car according to your desires. They offer a distinctive set of packages that come with high-end accessories covered by the vehicle’s warranty and manufactured to Toyota’s requirements.

The Toyota XP Series packages are available for Camry, 4Runner, Tundra, and Tacoma, featuring different options for each vehicle. It was never so appealing and impressive to drive a Toyota before. Hereunder, we will give you a sight of what XP Series packages is all about.

Toyota Camry XP

Toyota Camry XP Series

The Camry has always been one of the most favorite’s mid-size sedans; it is a whole packaged car. It’s easy to drive, fuel-efficient, practical and loaded with technology. It also boasts an impressive predicted reliability rating. Having said all that, imagine adding sophistication and making it look more attractive. The Toyota XP Series package has the perfect performance-focused attributes to make it look as your dreamed vehicle. When you upgrade your Toyota Camry you get a beautiful look with XP badging, black Toyota and Camry emblems, black rocker panel graphic around the body of the car and black mirror covers. In addition, the XP Series Package gives you beautiful 18-inch black gloss KMC Maze Alloy Wheels with X Series red brake caliper covers that help maintain the dust away from the breaks making your car even safer. Finally, the blackout treatment continues with front grille and surrounds in gloss black and black rear lip spoiler will make your Camry an eye-catching vehicle everywhere you go.

  • 18-inch Black Gloss KMC Maze Alloy Wheels
  • X Series Red Brake Caliper Covers
  • Front Grille and Surrounds in Gloss Black
  • Black Rear Lip Spoiler
  • Black Mirror Covers
  • Black Rocker Panel Graphic
  • Black Emblem Overlays
  • XP Badging


Toyota 4Runner XP Predator vs XP Gunner Package Comparison

Launching the XP Series package for our great 4Runner, Toyota gives you the opportunity to choose between two different packages according to your taste. These two options are adjusted to everyone’s desires, the Gunner package and the Predator package, both available at our South Date Toyota dealer. First, we have the Toyota 4Runner Gunner XP package which offers black billet aluminum grille to protect your engine and radiator in a powerful way and look, while the Predator package offers TRD Pro grille. Second, similar to the Gunner package black details, black emblem overlays, XP badging, the Predator package carries the same details. However, the Gunner package carries a black crushed oval step board while the Predator has the Pro Step Bar package to help you gain access to your 4Runner and give you secure footing and withstand corrosion. Finally, the Gunner brings 20-inch black gunner wheels with all-terrain tires; unlike, the Predator comes with 17-Inch TRD Pro Alloy Wheels and 17-Inch All-Terrain Tire. It is up to you which one you find more attractive.

Toyota 4Runner XP Predator

Toyota 4Runner XP Predator Series

  • 17” TRD Matte Black Wheels
  • All-Terrain Tire Upgrade
  • Predator Pro Step Bar
  • TRD PRO Grille
  • Black emblem Overlays
  • XP Badging

Toyota 4Runner XP Gunner

Toyota 4Runner XP Gunner Series

  • XP Badging 
  • Black Billet Aluminum Grille 
  • Black Emblem Overlays 
  • Black Crushed Oval Step Boards 
  • 20-inch Black Gunner Wheels with All-Terrain Tires

Toyota Tundra XP Gunner vs XP Hunter Package Comparison

In Toyota, each part is designed, engineered and manufactured for security, endurance, and trust. We believe those are the true values a vehicle must have; however, Toyota connects to these values special and exclusive features to stand out and making more outstanding your Tundra. The Tundra pickup has the most aggressive and masculine look of Toyota pickup trucks. Toyota offers for this full-size truck two different Toyota Tundra XP package configurations, the Tundra XP Gunner and the Tundra XP Hunter, with either one your truck won’t be unnoticed. The Toyota Tundra XP Gunner comes with 20-inch Black Gunner Alloy Wheels and All-Terrain Tire Upgrade while the XP Hunter comes with 20-inch Hunter Wheels and All-Terrain Tire Upgrade capable of handling the versatile roads ahead of you. The XP Gunner offers a rougher Predator Pro Step bar, while the XP Hunter a more refined look with the Stealth black running boards. Both XP Gunter and XP Hunter bring XP badging to give a high-end finish to the Tundra exterior because we care about little details. Lastly, the XP Gunter offers black exhaust tip whereas the Hunter comes with a Chrome exhaust tip. It all depends on what you like best and how your powerful Tundra looks like, but one thing Toyota assures you is that we provide you the vehicle of your dreams.

Toyota Tundra XP Gunner

Toyota Tundra XP Gunner Series

  • 20-inch Black Gunner Alloy Wheels and All-Terrain Tire Upgrade
  • Predator Pro Step Bar
  • Black Exhaust Tip
  • XP Badging

Toyota Tundra XP Hunter

Toyota Tundra XP Hunter Series

  • 20-inch Hunter Wheels and All-Terrain Tire Upgrade
  • Stealth Black Running Boards
  • Chrome Exhaust Tip
  • XP Badging

Toyota Tacoma XP Maverick vs XP Predator Package Comparison

A Toyota has always been defined as powerful, strong, and tough, but that does not limit us from combining those characteristics with special touches that add an aggressive new sport look to your standard vehicle. The Tacoma comes in two TRD packages: Sport and Off-Road. The Sport is targeted more towards improved on-road performance, while the Off-Road is more geared towards the off-road enthusiast. Our small version of pickup truck not only can be powerful and versatile but also it can be customized whether you go off road or stay on the pavement. It is impossible not to take a look at these two options Toyota brings you to customize your Tacoma. We offer you the Toyota Tacoma XP Maverick Series package and the Toyota Tacoma XP Predator. First, they both bring XP badging and Predator pro step bar to gain better access to the truck. Second, the XP Maverick offers a chrome exhaust tip while the XP Predator package offers black exhaust tip. Third, the XP Maverick series brings 17-inch Black Maverick Wheels and All-Terrain Tire Upgrade while the XP Predator brings a smaller 16-inch TRD Pro Alloy Wheels All-Terrain Tire Upgrade. Finally, the Tacoma XP Predator brings one feature more than the XP Maverick and it’s the Black Overlays and Tailgate Insert Package, again, because we are sure that little details make the difference.

Toyota Tacoma XP Maverick

Toyota Tacoma XP Maverick Series

  • 17-inch Black Maverick Wheels and All-Terrain Tire Upgrade
  • Predator Pro Step Bar
  • Chrome Exhaust Tip
  • XP Badging

Toyota Tacoma XP Predator

Toyota Tacoma XP Predator Series

  • 16-inch TRD Pro Alloy Wheels
  • All-Terrain Tire Upgrade
  • Predator Pro Step Bar
  • Black Exhaust Tip
  • Black Overlays and Tailgate Insert Package
  • XP Badging

Toyota XP Packages for Sale

Although Toyota is recognized for being one of the most reliable, powerful, secure, strong and durable cars on the market, we offer you the possibility of customizing your vehicle and making it look more cool and enjoyable to the eyes. Now you know Toyota gives you all you need. Do not go unnoticed, come get your XP Series Package and upgrade your standard car to a luxurious automobile.