Buying Tips for Your Teen’s First Car

June 17th, 2014 by

MY12_PRC_ONE_PS_34FWhen your teenager first starts driving, it can be a very stressful time. It’s difficult to think about your child being grown enough to take the car for a drive on their own but eventually that day will come. When it does and you go shopping for your teen’s first car, you can have a little peace of mind when you know the vehicle you purchase is dependable and safe to drive.

Choosing the right vehicle can be a little tricky. You want him to be in something that will keep him as safe as possible, just in case he’s involved in an accident. For this reason, many parents lean towards the big, heavy cars like the ones they had when they were young. This can pose a problem because your son or daughter wants a sporty looking car they’re proud to show off to their friends. So, what should you do? What kind of car would be a good fit for your teen?

Tips for Buying Your Teen’s First Car

The first thing you need to realize is that most parents and teens never agree on what kind of car to buy. The best you can hope for is a compromise so be ready to negotiate. Being prepared and knowing ahead of time what you would and would not be comfortable with him driving will help you choose a vehicle that both you and your teen will be happy with.

Below are a few good tips to help you choose the best vehicle for your teen:

  • Buy a certified used car instead of a new one- This will save you money on insurance and you won’t be as worried about him bumping into something as you would if he were sporting a new car around. Certified pre-owned Toyotas come with an extended warranty, so you know they’re dependable.
  • The size of the vehicle does make a difference- Larger vehicles like the Dodge Ram or Toyota Tacoma sit higher on the road than cars and since they only seat two comfortably, you won’t have to worry about a group of friends distracting your teen from driving.
  • Blazers and full size cars are also good choices- If a pickup is not an option, these vehicles can also provide a safe ride for your teen.
  • Old vehicles are not necessarily safer than new ones- They may be bigger and contain more metal but they don’t have the safety features you’ll get with a newer vehicle. Front and side air bags, anti-lock brakes, navigation systems and traction control are just a few of the safety features designed to help keep your teen safe.

Once you choose the right vehicle for your teen, go over a few safety details with him that he may not learn in driving class.

Teach Your Teen the Importance of Proper Maintenance

Servicing the vehicle will prevent your teen from ending up stranded on the side of the road and it will help reduce the risks of accidents. Go over the importance of proper maintenance with your teenager before you allow him to drive on his own. Check belts and hoses regularly for excessive wear, replace the battery when needed and check the tire pressure and tread to prevent a blow out that can cause an accident.

As a parent, you must do all you can to help keep your teen safe. Don’t give in and buy the sports car that has way too much power for an inexperienced driver. However, don’t embarrass him by choosing something you wouldn’t even want to be seen driving. Choosing a certified used Toyota that is built tough and looks sporty is a good compromise for your teen’s first car.

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