In-Car Entertainment Technology: Is It Really That Important?

May 19th, 2015 by

carEach year auto manufacturers add some type of new technology to their vehicles designed mainly for entertainment purposes. Technology is constantly changing and the auto industry is taking advantage of it. Automakers want to keep you entertained when driving or riding to and from your destinations, so every year it seems like there is something new designed to get your attention.

You have to admit that they have come up with some great ideas that truly do enhance the driving experience. However, you also have to wonder how many consumers actually choose one vehicle over another simply because of the entertainment options it offers.

In-Car Entertainment Technology Options

New vehicles are equipped with so much new technology that it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for anyone still driving an older model vehicle. Most of these new features help to keep you safer when on the road such as the electronic stability or the panic alarm found on the 2015 Toyota Avalon. However, some of them are designed for pure pleasure.

Below are some of the most popular in-car entertainment technology options available today:

  • Satellite stereo systems
  • Hands free calling systems
  • USB and iPod docks
  • Voice recognition
  • Bluetooth
  • HD radio
  • Wireless phone connectivity

It’s easy to see why automakers would add new safety feature to their vehicles. After all, everyone wants to be as safe as possible when traveling, so drivers look for safety features when purchasing a new or used Toyota but what about all the entertainment options available? Are they really necessary?

Do Consumers Really Want All those Entertainment Options?

It’s clear that automakers believe adding more entertainment options to their vehicles is important but does it really make a difference for consumers? Is being entertained or staying connected really that important to most drivers?

Actually, many people consider it to be very important. Having the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs using a satellite or HD radio can make your daily commute much more bearable. Could you imagine driving to and from work in silence every day?

Many businessmen need to stay in touch with the office or talk to clients when driving and others simply want to stay connected with their friends no matter where they are. The hands free system and Bluetooth technology make it possible to stay in touch without taking your hands or eyes off the road. These features make staying connected safer when driving.

All of these entertainment options enhance the driving experience and they make being in your vehicle more enjoyable but they also increase the price of these vehicles. How do you feel about the different in-car entertainment options available today?

Would you choose a vehicle simply because it has a lot of cool features to help keep you entertained or connected to the Internet? Do you ever wonder if and when they’ll run out of ideas for new and safe ways to keep you entertained while driving and what they’ll come up with next if that happens?

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