Certified Pre Owned Toyota: The Car Buyers Third Option

November 6th, 2014 by

Pre Owned ToyotaConsumers used to have two choices when buying an automobile. You could buy a brand new one or a used one. Today, you have a third option. You can buy a certified pre owned vehicle. This option is for consumers who do not want the expense of a new car but who are looking for something more dependable than most used vehicles.

Pre owned certified autos cost much less than a new one, so they are more affordable for consumers who need to adhere to a strict budget. However, they are more expensive than a used one because they offer many benefits you won’t get with any other used car.

Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre Owned Toyota

When you buy a certified pre owned Toyota, you’re not just buying another used car. You also get a variety of benefits that make them a great deal. For example, not all pre owned Toyotas qualify as a certified vehicle because they don’t meet the criteria set forth for these autos.

Certified pre owned vehicles:

  • are normally under five years old and do not exceed the specified mileage requirement
  • have not been involved in any serious wreck requiring body work
  • go through a thorough safety inspection to ensure all features are working correctly
  • undergo a 100-point performance inspection and all problems found are corrected
  • have an extended warranty

Certified pre owned vehicles offer consumers a chance to buy a practically new vehicle, with some of the benefits associated with buying a new car at used car prices. In addition to this already great opportunity, Toyota dealers offer an incentive program to encourage consumers to purchase these vehicles and you can often find certified used vehicle specials that offer even more savings. These special incentives can include but are not limited to roadside assistance and free maintenance for a specified amount of time.

It’s Not a Passing Trend

Trends come and go but it looks like buying certified vehicles is here to stay. Over the last few years, this third car buying option has become very popular with consumers for the following reasons. These vehicles offer the same peace of mind you get when you buy a new one because they come with an extended warranty. You know they are in great shape and that is something that everyone looks for in a vehicle.

This third option also gives consumers a chance to buy high dollar vehicles, which they may not otherwise be able to afford since the price will be much lower. Another reason they are so popular is that these vehicles won’t lose their value as quickly as a new car, since new vehicles depreciate the most during the first two years of ownership.

When you’re shopping for a new Toyota, consider buying a certified pre owned one. The peace of mind the warranty offers alone makes them a great option. When you add in the other benefits, you can see why this third car buying option continues to grow in popularity.

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