Choose the Right SUV for Your Family

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MY12_PRC_THREE_DS_78FThe sports utility vehicle or SUV has steadily grown in popularity over the years. You’re sure to see a wide variety of makes and models each time you go to work or run errands but if you’ve never driven an SUV, you may be wonder why they’re such a popular vehicle. In the past, the SUV was associated with soccer moms who needed plenty of room to transport kids to and from soccer games and other sports related events but that’s not really the case anymore.

While the SUV still makes an excellent family vehicle, it has many other uses, too. Learning more about the different types of SUVs will help you determine which one is right for you.

Before You Can Choose the Right SUV, You Need to Know Your Options

The first decision you’ll need to make when purchasing an SUV is which size to buy. The category the vehicle falls into determines the size of the SUV, so having this information will help you determine which option would suit your needs the best.

SUVs fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Compact– Often referred to as the crossover, the compact SUV is similar to driving a car because its fuel efficient, offers sharper handling and it’s a more comfortable, quieter ride. Typically, you have a choice between a four or six cylinder engine.
  • Midsize– The midsize model is designed for those who need a little more power and room than the compact SUV has to offer but the full size is a little too much. These normally have a standard six-cylinder engine.
  • Full size– Designed with a V-8 engine, these larger SUVs uses the truck platform in its design and they’re more powerful, heavier, have more towing capabilities and they perform better off road than the other two types.

In each one of these categories, you also have a wide variety of styles and features to choose from that include luxury SUVs. If you’re having trouble determining which size to choose, contact us here at South Dade Toyota and we’ll go over your different options with you to help you decide. We also have a wide variety of new and used Toyota SUVs to choose from that will make it easy for you to find the one suited for your specific needs.

SUVs Offer Many Safety and Luxury Features

The most popular reason for buying an SUV is for the extra space. If you have a large family, you need enough seats for everyone to ride together comfortably and safely in the same vehicle. Most SUVs seat five people but you can also choose a model that has third row seating for even more room. All sports utility vehicles have a cargo space in the back and you can either fold down or remove rear seats to increase the amount of space you have.

These vehicles come with standard safety features such as stability control, airbags and antilock brakes but you can opt for extras like rearview cameras and parking sensors. You can also enjoy a number of excellent luxury features that include heated seats, climate control, rear-seat entertainment systems, navigational systems and keyless start systems.

When you know all of your options, it’s much easier to find the right SUV for your family.

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