Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

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MUL_MY14_0004_V001Years ago, one of the most popular features you would look for on a new car was the cruise control. All the luxury vehicles had it and drivers everywhere wanted it. It made driving easier because you set the control to go a certain speed and the system would maintain that speed until you hit the brakes or gas pedal. It was especially good for long trips because it would give your foot and leg a little rest.

However, there is one problem with the original cruise control system. Anytime you get behind someone driving slower than the speed you’re traveling, you have to hit the brakes, which will disengage the system. If you’re traveling on a busy highway, you have to reset your controls constantly and that defeats the purpose of using cruise control. There is however, a solution to this problem and it’s called Dynamic Radar Cruise Control or DRCC.

What Is Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and How Does It Work?

DRCC is similar to the cruise control systems installed on vehicles for years but with one big improvement. These systems use forward sensing radar technology, which will adjust your speed automatically when you come up behind a vehicle going slower than what you’re traveling.

Radar technology detects the difference in the speed and automatically applies the brakes to slow down your vehicle to match it. This technology ensures that you maintain a pre-set safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. When the driver in front of you speeds back up or one of you moves to another lane, the system will go back to the original preset speed.

At first, you could only get this type of technology if you purchased one of the very expensive luxury vehicles but now, Toyota is using it in some of their vehicles. For example, the 2013 Toyota Avalon Sedan is equipped with this type of technology. The new 2015 Toyota Sienna Passenger Van also uses this system but it’s referred to as Distance-Pacing Cruise Control instead of DRCC. Having dynamic radar cruise control in affordable, economy vehicles make it possible for more people to take advantage of this advanced technology.

DRCC Advantages

One advantage to having DRCC cruise control is that it reduces driver fatigue, especially when you’re traveling long distances. Your foot and leg can get tired and even go to sleep when you have to maintain constant contact with the gas pedal. This system allows you to move around in the seat to keep the blood flowing, so you feel more comfortable in-between rest stops.

Another very important advantage of using radar technology is that it makes driving a little safer. Since it automatically slows you down when it detects a slower vehicle in front of you, it reduces the risk of you running into the back of another car especially if they slow down suddenly. Since cruise control maintains a constant speed, it can also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, so there are many advantages associated with having this luxury item.

The DRCC system is designed to make driving more enjoyable but keep in mind it’s still just a device. It cannot predict when someone or something runs out in front of you or any other hazards you may face on the road. For this reason, always stay alert and stay safe.

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