Exploring the Mystery of the Toyota Mirai

October 5th, 2015 by

One of the most impressive feats of engineering in recent years is beginning to appear in Toyota dealerships throughout the country. It’s the Toyota Mirai. What makes the Mirai so special is that it is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Instead of gasoline, hydrogen fuel cell burn, well… hydrogen. Yep, that stuff. The stuff the sun and every star in the universe is made of. In fact, there is no more abundant element, period. And what makes this even better for our environmentally conscious sides is that, instead of carbon monoxide, the only exhaust the fuel cell creates is water.

The only problem with hydrogen is that it isn’t floating around free in the air for us to collect and fill up the cells. For decades, the only way to produce hydrogen was to extract it from water or other substances as part of a chemical reaction. That too has changed.

In the following video produced by Toyota, comedian Nikki Glaser, sheds some light on how hydrogen can now be produced from practically anything. And, in true comedian style, she has some fun with it.


Along with some laughs, Toyota has produced a series of videos that help explain hydrogen fuel cells. It is a new concept for most people, almost as radical as the transition from the horse-and-buggy to the automobile. Hydrogen as a fuel source may seem strange to some, so Toyota wants to ensure that you understand why it is important for us to begin making the transition from gasoline to a fuel source that doesn’t harm the environment. And in these videos, Toyota takes the mystery out of the hydrogen fuel cell by explaining how it works.




The main obstacle in a sudden countrywide release of the Toyota Mirai is the availability of fueling stations. You can’t yet pull into any station along the highway and refuel. It will take some time before that happens, but Toyota is working to expand availability. We went through a similar situation when automobiles first appeared, but it wasn’t long before stations started showing up across the street from each other. The same will soon be true for hydrogen. Our planet is counting on it.

Learn more about the Toyota Mirai on their website.

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