How to Get More for Your Trade-In

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LandCruiser_ext_none_070_v17ee_hd_010When buying a new Toyota, you’ll want to get as much for your trade-in as possible. The money you receive from your current vehicle is applied to your down payment. In some cases, it may even completely cover the down payment or if it’s in great shape, it might even exceed the amount required.

The amount of money financed will be determined by how much you pay down, so you want to get as much out of your trade-in as possible. Since a larger down payment will lower the amount of the loan, it also lowers the amount of interest you pay and it can also reduce your monthly payments considerably. Both of which are good reasons to make sure you’re getting the most for your trade-in.

Get More for Your Trade-In with These Tips

The first thing you need to do before even heading out to our Miami Toyota dealership is to know what your vehicle is worth. The value of any vehicle is hard to predict. It depends on its condition, the year, the make and model, mileage, your location and even the economy. Therefore, instead of trying to guess, check the Kelly Blue Book value to get an accurate estimate.

It’s easy to go online and check the value of your used Toyota. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions honestly and you’ll get an estimate. Once you have a good idea of how much your Toyota is worth, you can proceed with the following tips.

Get more for your trade-in with these tips:

  • Have the vehicle serviced– The better your vehicle performs, the more it’s worth so have it turned up, change the oil and check the belts and hoses before you head to the dealership.
  • Fix any scratches, nicks and dings in the body– While fixing small defects to make the body look better is not a necessity, it will help raise the value of your vehicle.
  • Wash and detail the vehicle– A clean car just looks better and it shows that you have taken good care of it, so it helps to increase its value. Be sure to clean the tires, the dash and the windows.
  • Clean everything out of the vehicle– Before taking your Toyota in to be appraised, clean all of your personal belongings out of it, including everything in the trunk.

These tips will help to make your vehicle look and run better, which ultimately increases the value of the automobile.

Make Sure You Have All the Paperwork

Once you decide to purchase a new vehicle and use your current one as a trade-in, gather up all the paperwork. You’ll need a clear title before you can make the trade so there cannot be a loan against the vehicle and it must be in your name. In addition to the title, you’ll also need your driver’s license, all maintenance records, vehicle history report and all of the keys that fit the vehicle.

Investing a little time and money into your current vehicle can make a huge difference when it comes time to trade it in on a new Toyota.

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