Hybrid Myths: Do You Know the Facts?

January 8th, 2015 by

carHybrids are becoming more popular every year but they still only make up a small percentage of the vehicles on the road. They are more expensive than traditional gasoline-fueled vehicles, which may be one reason why some consumers do not consider buying one. However, the misconceptions many people have about hybrids could also be responsible.

Over the years, the technology that goes into designing these vehicles has changed a great deal. Nevertheless, there are still several hybrid myths floating around that may prevent many consumers from even considering them as an option when buying a new car.

Five Hybrid Myths You May Have Heard

Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction, as is the case with hybrids. This is evident from the myths still floating around. Some of the myths that now exist may have been true about the first hybrids but things have changed. Advanced technology has made many improvements over the years so hybrids are better than ever but not everyone is aware of these changes.

Below are five of the most common myths surrounding hybrids today:

  1. Hybrids are less powerful and slower than traditional vehicles. In the beginning, this may have been true but modern hybrids have as much power as any gasoline powered vehicle.
  2. To charge a hybrid, you have to plug them in. Hybrids use a regenerative charging system that allows the gas engine to transfer a portion of the electrical power back to the battery each time you apply the brakes. Therefore, you do not plug them in like you do an all-electric vehicle.
  3. The batteries are expensive and don’t last for very long. This is not true of modern hybrids. In fact, Toyota hybrids normally come with an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty, proving that Toyota is confident that their hybrid batteries will last a very long time.
  4. Hybrids are uncomfortable with little cargo space. The amount of cargo space you have will depend on the type of hybrid you purchase but many of them like the 2015 Toyota Prius Hatchback are very comfortable and have plenty of cargo space.
  5. Hybrids are just a fad that will eventually go away. Considering the fact that hybrids have been around for many years and auto manufacturers are continuously looking for new ways to make them better, hybrids are not a fad. They’re here to stay and will become a big part of our future.

When you know the facts, it’s easy to see why hybrids are becoming more popular every year.

Hybrids are Easy to Drive

When you think about a vehicle with two engines, it’s easy to imagine that driving one is complicated. After all, you’ll need to switch back and forth between the two engines so it has to be more to it than driving a traditional vehicle, right? Actually, that’s not the case. Driving a hybrid is just like driving a gasoline-fueled vehicle with added benefits. You don’t have to do anything different because they’re designed to switch between the two power sources automatically as needed.

Give us a call here at South Dade Toyota or stop by to learn more about hybrids and the benefits they offer. Once you separate the myths from the truths, you may want to seriously consider buying one when you’re ready for a new car.

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