How Do Hybrids Help the Environment?

December 18th, 2014 by

hybridMany industries are searching for ways to reduce the environmental impact society has on the planet, including the auto industry. Traditional automobiles emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and carbon monoxide into the air, which contributes to air pollution in a big way. Auto manufactures introduced the hybrid as a way to cut back on the pollution created by vehicles a few years ago.

Over the last several years, automakers have made many improvements in the design and the hybrid has become more popular every year. They are designed with both a gasoline engine and an electrical engine, so they don’t produce as much harmful gases as the traditional vehicle does but many people still wonder if they really make enough of a difference in our quest for a greener world.

Ways That Hybrids Help the Environment

Hybrids really are a great invention that has the potential to make a big difference in the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. They are more practical for most people than the electric vehicle because you can travel further distances and switch back to the gasoline engine when the battery is weak. Below are a few of the benefits these vehicles offer.


  • Get better gas mileage
  • Decreases the demand for fuel
  • Saves you money on gasoline
  • Releases fewer harmful emissions into the air
  • Runs quieter reducing noise pollution

Another benefit most anyone can appreciate is the fact that there are a lot of excellent models to choose from, such as the 2014 Toyota Prius that gets an estimated 53 miles per gallon in the city. These cars come with all the features and luxuries you’ll find in traditional vehicles so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or beauty to drive a vehicle that reduces the carbon footprint you leave behind. In fact, here at South Dade Toyota, we have a great selection of new and used hybrids for you to choose from.

Even with all the benefits that driving a hybrid offers, there are a still a few issues that you should be aware of.

Environmental Issues Associated with Hybrids

There are a few environmental issues associated with hybrids that make some people wonder if they really are better for the environment. One of the main problems associated with these vehicles is the batteries. They use nickel metal hydride batteries instead of the traditional lead batteries because they are more efficient. However, disposing of them creates a problem because they are also more toxic.

Since hybrids do have the traditional gasoline engine, they still produce harmful emissions. How much pollution they release into the air depends on how often the driver engages the electric engine. Normally, you only engage the electric engine when driving short distances and when you’re traveling at low speeds. When traveling highways where the speed increases, drivers normally use the gasoline engine, so some people wonder if they’re really making a difference.

While there are a few environmental issues that need to be worked out, driving a hybrid is still better for the environment. They do help you live a little greener than traditional vehicles and every little bit helps. However, the environmental impact would be much larger if more people drove hybrids. Therefore, the key to making a big difference is getting more people to participate and choose a hybrid when buying a new automobile.

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