Join the Fight against Texting and Driving

October 2nd, 2014 by

MY14_150ATexting while driving is a real problem that affects drivers all over the world and it’s not just teenagers doing it. Drivers of all ages have been involved in accidents caused by texting and many lives have been lost. When you receive a text, it’s tempting to pick up the phone and glance at the message but it’s not worth the risk. Most people think that it will only take a second to see who sent it and what it says.

The problem is that taking your eyes off the road even for a couple of seconds increases the risks of having an accident. In addition, most people actually look at the message longer than they realize and that makes texting a major distraction. For this reason, many people have joined together to build awareness and remind others about the dangers of sending or reading text messages when driving.

You Can Join the Fight against Texting and Driving

People everywhere are spreading the word to remind drivers not to text and drive, including big companies like AT&T. They started a campaign where people can pledge not to text and drive. Part of the campaign includes using the symbol “#X” to let others know that you are getting ready to drive. When someone sends you a text, they’ll receive this symbol as a reply. This lets them know that you are getting ready to drive and that you will text them back when you reach your destination.

Many people have already taken the pledge, including many celebrities because preventing accidents caused by texting is possible. All it takes is for drivers to make a commitment to not text and drive and then honor that commitment. Anyone can join the Texting and Driving it can wait campaign and it’s a great way to let your friends and family know that you’re getting behind the wheel, so you’ll contact them later.

Have You Made the Commitment Yet?

You can buy a new car with all the latest safety features to help protect you but they don’t prevent accidents. Therefore, it’s important to realize how the simple act of texting and diving can have a major impact on your future, anyone else in the vehicle and all other drivers you encounter on the road while texting. If you feel like a text is important and it’s something you need to see, pull over first then read the message.

Texting is a major distraction but it’s not the only thing that causes preventable accidents. People are easily distracted by a wide variety of things. Some people tend to look at the scenery while driving, which takes their eyes off the road. Others fumble with the radio or CD player and still others are distracted by their passengers.

The point is that anything that takes your eyes off the road is a danger to you and all those around you. Make a commitment to avoid texting while driving and to take steps to eliminate other distractions when possible. Speak up when your passengers are distracting you and pull over when you need to send or read a text, change the CD or anything else that could take your eyes off the road. Always put safety first!

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