Keep these essential things in your Toyota in Miami, Florida

May 24th, 2016 by

Toyota interiors offer lots of storage spacePeople store all kinds of things in their cars. For safety, convenience, and even to avert tragedy, everyone has a few things they like to keep close by.

Which things should you keep in your Toyota in Miami, Florida?

Toyota vehicles have some great storage options. In most Toyota models, keeping the things you need most close by is easy. Here’s a list of things that you may want to consider keeping in your Toyota in Miami, Florida:

Glove Box:

Emergency contacts

Yes, you have a phone with all of your contacts stored in the memory. Keep a list of emergency contacts in your glove box anyway. It’ll come in handy if you lose your phone, get into an accident and can’t locate it, or someone else needs to access that list.

Vehicle registration and proof of insurance

Every vehicle registered in the state of Florida with four wheels or more wheels must have Florida Auto Insurance coverage. You’ll need proof of insurance to register the vehicle. Keep the documents close by in case you get pulled over.

Car Manual

Eventually, you’ll want to look up something relevant to the maintenance or operation of your Toyota, and having your car manual close by is convenient.

Flashlight, Notebook, Pen

Accidents and emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times or in places where there’s great cell reception. Exchanging information or leaving someone a note is easier when you have paper and a pen. Most people use their phone as a flashlight, but in emergency situations, you won’t want to run down your battery. It’s smart to have a backup plan.

For more tips on being prepared on the road, contact the South Dade Toyota of Homestead customer service team. Stop out any time to see how much storage the newest Toyota vehicles offer.

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