Lights and Wipers Play a Major Role in Your Safety

April 13th, 2015 by

Lights and Wipers When it comes to being safe on the road, the first two things most people think of is the brakes and tires. You need to replace worn brake pads so your vehicle will stop properly and buy new tires before the tread wears too thin. The importance of keeping these two things properly maintained is obvious but many people tend to neglect their lights and wipers.

They just don’t seem as important as other things until you need them and discover they’re not working properly. Then you may find yourself in a situation where you wish you had paid more attention to them.

Check Your Lights and Wipers Regularly

When was the last time you replaced your wiper blades? Do they scrape and skip when you turn them on? If so, it’s time for a new set. No matter where you live, there will be times when you have to drive in the rain or other inclement weather and you need your wipers to be functioning properly when you do.

It’s extremely dangerous for you and everyone else on the road if you can’t see where you’re going clearly. Wiper blades that skip and scrape against the windshield will not clean properly and that greatly increases your risks of being involved in an accident.

Worn wiper blades can also scratch your windshield, making it difficult to see out of it even when the weather is clear. Eventually, you will have to replace your windshield if this happens and that will be much more expensive and time consuming than replacing worn blades. Due to their exposure to the elements wipers blades need to be checked regularly, even on new Toyotas.

Keep Your Lights Working Properly

Lights play a vital role in vehicle safety. They alert other drivers by making your vehicle more visible at night and when driving in foggy or rainy weather. However, most people don’t think about the car lights until they burn out. Unfortunately, this usually happens when you need them most so checking your lights regularly is very important.

Below is a list of the lights you need to inspect:

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Signal lights
  • Emergency flashers
  • Backup lights
  • Interior panel lights

Your interior panel lights allow you to see your dashboard when driving at night, so you can keep an eye on your instrument panel.

If your headlights are not working properly, it makes it difficult to see where you’re going and for other drivers to see you. Your taillights alert drivers behind you and they let them know they are approaching a vehicle so they don’t ram into the back of your car.

It’s vital that you inspect your lights or have a technician do it for you to make sure all of them are working properly. Here at South Dade Toyota, we will check the bulbs and make sure your headlights are properly aligned. This will prevent you from blinding other drivers when they pass and give you a better view of the road.

It’s also important for you to keep the outside of your vehicle clean. When mud and dirt covers the headlights, taillights and signal lights, it reduces your visibility and makes it harder for other drivers to see your lights.

Faulty wipers and lights make it difficult for you to see where you’re going and for other drivers to see you. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Be safe when on the road and keep your wiper blades and lights in good shape.

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