Maintain the Value of Your New Toyota with These Tips

December 23rd, 2014 by

CAM_MY14_0008_V001Buying a new car is a big investment, so you want to keep it running and looking great for as long as possible. The value of your vehicle begins to depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot but you do have some control over how well it retains its value after that. For example, you can limit unnecessary driving to cut back on excessive mileage, which directly affects your car’s resale value.

Regular maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your vehicle in good shape but you should also take steps to keep the exterior and interior of the vehicle looking good.

Maintain the Value of Your New Toyota by Taking Care of Its Exterior

The exterior of your vehicle doesn’t affect the way it drives but it does have a big impact on the car’s resale value. You can’t prevent all nicks and scrapes from happening but you can reduce them by keeping your Toyota in a garage or under a carport when not in use. This will help protect it from the elements such as damaging winds, hail and the sun’s rays that will fade the paint over time.

Washing your vehicle regularly and using a good coat of wax will also help to keep your exterior looking great. Dirt and grime can scratch the paint and hide dents and dings that you might not know are there and you don’t want any surprises if you decide to trade it in on a new one. If you would like an idea of how much your vehicle is worth, you can appraise your trade here at by answering a few simple questions

Protect the Interior of Your Car

Properly caring for the interior of your new Toyota will go a long ways in helping to maintain its resale value. Avoid eating and drinking in your vehicle whenever possible to prevent staining the seats. However, if you usually drink coffee on your way to work or if you’re in the habit of eating on the go, invest in seat covers to help keep your interior clean and stain-free. Use floor mats to help protect the carpet and armor-all the dash and all other vinyl surfaces to help prevent cracking and splits.

If you do happen to drop anything on the seats or carpet, have it cleaned as soon as possible to prevent staining. It’s also a good idea not to smoke inside your vehicle because it’s very hard to get rid of the cigarette smell. It’s also very easy for ashes and sparks to fall off and burn a hole in the seats, carpet or console.

Keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible will help retain its resale value. If you decide to trade it in on a newer model later, it will be worth more. Even if you choose not to sell it or trade your Toyota in later, it will look and run better when it’s cared for properly. It’s also more comfortable riding in a clean car, so use these tips to keep your Toyota in good shape and maintain its resale value.

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