How Safe Are the New Computerized Vehicles from Hackers?

August 26th, 2014 by

US_TM13_115_A_BWWhen you buy a new car, two things that most people think about is their safety and protecting their investment. Most consumers will go over the crash ratings and look at all of the safety features associated with the vehicle they’re considering buying before actually making the purchase but now there is a new concern.

With new models, consumers need to be aware there is a possibility that people can hack into the vehicle through the computer system. The main concern with creating computerized vehicles is hackers. People hack into computers all the time, which makes the new vehicles that use computer systems in their design a target.

Some new Toyotas are designed with keyless start and other great features that will add convenience to your daily routine. Some vehicles have built-in internet capabilities and you can download apps just like you do with your Smartphone but this is just the beginning of a new age of computerized vehicles.

Take the Toyota all electric+ iRoad for example. While the company may not have immediate plans to design a vehicle like this one for public use, it is a good example of the computer technology being used today and it may be an example of what to expect from auto manufactures in the future. This brings us to the question, how safe are the new computerized vehicles when it comes to hackers?

How Easy Is It to Hack the New Computerized Vehicles?

While this may not be a big problem right now, it’s certainly something that you’ll need to think about in the future. Technology along with the desire to build cleaner running vehicles is leading the auto industry to build more electric vehicles, which use computers like many of the new Toyotas already on the market. It’s expected that in the future, most all cars will be connected to the Internet in some way. We already know that hackers can get into computers, so what’s stopping them from hacking into these smart cars?

There are safety measures in place to prevent this from happening. Some cars use passwords just like you have on your Internet accounts. However, while it may take some time, a determined hacker could eventually obtain the password and get into your system, so it is a risk.

What Could a Hacker Do If They Hacked Into Your Computerized Vehicle?

If someone hacked into your new car, you won’t have to worry about them taking control of the vehicle because he wouldn’t be able to crank it without your electronic fob key but he could do other things. Most of them are annoying things like blowing the horn, locking and unlocking the doors and draining your battery. However, there is a possibility that the hacker could steal personal information and even learn your exact location and that is cause for concern.

At this time, there is a risk of hackers gaining access to your personal information through your car’s computer system. The more computerized features the vehicle has, the higher the risks but that could change in the near future.

Auto manufacturers are working hard to keep your vehicle and your personal information safe. They know how important this matter is and they continue to do research to look for better security measures to ensure hackers can’t get into your car’s computer system. It will be interesting to keep up with the news surrounding the subject to see how the auto industry addresses this issue.

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