Safety Tips All Drivers Should Obey

January 20th, 2015 by

US_TU14_114_AEveryone knows that you shouldn’t drive while intoxicated or even under the influence of any drug or alcohol. Even some over the counter medications can make you too groggy to drive but that’s not the only thing drivers should do to stay safe when behind the wheel.

You have a responsibility to your passengers and the other drivers you encounter to give it your undivided attention when driving, not just part of it. That way, you can respond faster when something unexpected occurs. To help make the roads a safer place and to reduce the risks of being seriously injured if in an accident, below are three safety tips all drivers should obey regardless of your age.

Safety Tips All Drivers Should Obey Includes Staying off Your Phone

Parents make a point to tell their teen drivers to stay off the cell phone when behind the wheel and that’s good advice. In fact, everyone should avoid using the phone when driving. No one can read, type and send texts without taking your eyes off the road. Every second that you’re distracted by your phone increases the odds of being involved in some type of accident and no message is worth the risk.

Even talking on your cell phone while driving will increase your risk of having an accident and the odds go up even more when you’re going through your contact list to make a call. Answering a call will also take your eyes off the road for a couple of seconds. Even if your new Toyota Avalon has Bluetooth technology, just talking on the phone can be distracting if you’re paying more attention to the conversation you’re having than the road.

Buckle Up

Buckling up seems like such a simple thing yet many people still do not follow this one safety rule. Many adults complain it’s not comfortable, some say it wrinkles their clothing and others may simply not realize just how important it is when it comes to saving lives. Many teens seem to think it’s not cool to buckle up and others are simply following the example their parents set for them.

Whatever your excuse is for not buckling up, it’s not worth the risk. If you’re in an accident, which always occur when you least expect it, wearing a seatbelt could save your life. The safety features found on all new vehicles here at South Dade Toyota in Miami, including seatbelts are designed to keep you safer in the event of an accident. Take the extra minute to buckle up and make sure everyone else in the vehicle does the same.

Follow the Speed Limit

It’s easy to get a little overconfident when you’ve been driving a long time, especially if you haven’t had an accident in years or ever. However, speed limits are posted for a reason and all drivers, young and old should obey them. Speeding will not help you get to that important meeting on time or keep you from being late for work. If you catch yourself speeding because you don’t want to be late again, perhaps you need to make a point to leave earlier from now on.

If you’re speeding because you think it makes you look cool, you like to go fast or you just believe that you’re such a good driver that you can handle going 80 in a 55 mile an hour zone, then it’s time to take driving more seriously. Even if you can handle the vehicle when speeding, you have no way of knowing what’s waiting for you around the next curve or over that hill. Obey the rules of the road and follow the speed limits.

Following these safety tips will help make the road a little safer for everyone. They will help reduce the risks of being involved or hurt in an accident and you’ll be setting a good example for others.

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