Three things you must know about buying a Toyota Hybrid vehicle

November 24th, 2015 by

IAA 2013The rising popularity of hybrid vehicles is undeniable. In 2000, when Toyota first presented the option of owning a hybrid vehicle to its North American customers, 5,800 vehicles entered the marketplace. Final sales numbers for 2014 exceeded 323,600 vehicles, and the numbers continue their steady climb. With a 15-year track record of overall customer satisfaction, it’s safe to say the Toyota Hybrid line of vehicles is a permanent fixture in Toyota’s lineup.

Customers who are considering purchasing a Toyota Hybrid vehicle should understand these three things about owning one of these award winning and sought after cars.

  1. Toyota Hybrid vehicles really are making a positive impact on the environment

As of the end of 2013, Toyota’s global fleet of hybrid vehicles achieved a reduction of 41 million tons of CO2 emissions compared to gasoline-powered cars and trucks. With one million hybrid vehicles entering the marketplace in 2015 (one-third of which are in North America) Toyota expects its CO2 emissions reduction numbers to grow.

Toyota Prius, one of the “10 Best Green Cars” according to Kelley Blue Book’s editors offers an EPA fuel economy estimate of 51mpg during city driving and 48mpg during highway driving. The award-winning 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD offers 27mpg during city driving and 28mpg during highway driving.

  1. Toyota Hybrid vehicles have a few specific maintenance needs

Many drivers enjoy tinkering with their vehicles; performing simple maintenance and even venturing into the world of repairs. While Toyota Hybrid vehicles do not have unique maintenance needs, they do require specialized diagnostic equipment and tools that the average DIY-er may not have available.

Complicated computer systems controlling the electric engine components may present challenges best dealt with by trained professional mechanics. So other than putting air in the tires, checking fluid levels, and taking care of the exterior and interior finishes, it’s best to leave the diagnostic, repair, and routine maintenance of Toyota Hybrid vehicles to the experts at the dealership.

  1. Owning a Toyota Hybrid vehicle is a long term investment with great rewards

It may be less expensive to purchase a gas-only vehicle initially, but over time, Toyota Hybrid vehicles offer advantages at the gas pump that traditional vehicles can’t offer at this time. Today, hybrid cars and trucks are more reliable and easy to drive, with cutting edge technology, than ever. Be sure to check insurance rates when crunching the numbers, as many insurance companies offer discounts on hybrid vehicles that further reduce the cost of driving over time.

For first time buyers of Toyota hybrid vehicles, there may be a lot of new information to evaluate. While purchasing a hybrid car fifteen years ago may have seemed like a gamble, as we head into 2016, there’s more than enough evidence that adding one of these cutting edge, award-winning, eco-friendly vehicles to your household’s fleet is a great way to experience the many advantages of the Toyota Hybrid lineup.