Tips for Buying a New Car with Bad Credit

September 16th, 2014 by

US_PHV12_558_BMost everyone understands the importance of having good credit but sometimes, things happen unexpectedly that can make it impossible to maintain a good credit score. Perhaps you lost your job due to the slow economy or you had an accident that resulted in lost time from work. If you’ve went through a hard time that left a negative impact on your credit, don’t worry. You may still qualify for a new car.

Below are a few tips for buying a new car with bad credit that will help make the process go a little smoother.

When Buying a New Car with Bad Credit Expect Higher Payments

When you have bad credit, you won’t have as many options as you did before. Some lenders will not finance a car for anyone with less than perfect credit and those who do will charge a higher interest rate. Therefore, you need to be prepared to pay higher payments each month. It can be a bit of a shock if you’re not expecting it but knowing that your interest rates will be higher will help you make a better decision when choosing which new vehicle to buy.

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

When picking out you new car, don’t look at the most expensive vehicles on the lot. Instead, look for one that fits nicely into your budget. The last thing you want to do is buy a new vehicle if you cannot keep the payments up. This would destroy your credit instead of improving your score. By keeping it simple and looking for a nice vehicle around the $20,000 price range, it’ll make it easier for you to make your payments each month.

The Toyota Prius c One Hatchback is an excellent vehicle that falls into this price range if you’re looking for a car or perhaps the Toyota Tacoma Truck would suit your needs better. If you look around you can find a great vehicle that’s affordable and that suits your needs perfectly.

Even if you can afford a more expensive vehicle, staying around $20,000 will make it easier to get the vehicle financed and it will be easier for you to pay off the loan on time. Once the loan is paid in full, provided you’re keeping up all other financial obligations, it will help you regain that excellent credit score and then you can purchase that luxury or sports vehicle you’ve been looking at.

Don’t Forget about Your Other Responsibilities

It can be very easy to just go out and buy a new car without really doing the math first but it’s not a good idea. You need to know exactly what you can afford before visiting the car dealership so you don’t go over that amount and end up in trouble financially. Review your budget to determine how much extra you have for a car payment and that will help you determine if you’re ready now or need to wait a little longer before buying a new car. Remember to allow for an increase in your insurance and to save money for emergencies.

Purchasing a new car when you have bad credit can put a strain on your finances if you’re not careful. However, when you know what to expect and you plan accordingly, it can be a great way to restore your perfect credit score while enjoying all the benefits having a new car offers.

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