Top Toyota Choices for Senior Drivers

September 21st, 2015 by

avalon_int_HYBLTD_Beige_v10ko_hd_ip_001As we get older, our tastes change. And so do our needs. This fact is no different when it comes to choosing the right vehicle to suit your needs. You may once have required a family vehicle with plenty of seats, doors, and grocery space. But as the kids have grown up and moved out on their own, that type of vehicle just doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

Whether you need to scale down the size of your car, or need something that better compliments your needs or lifestyle, South Dade Toyota has one for you. And don’t’ just take our word for it. Consumer Reports, the leader in product rating and reviews, recent published a list of vehicles best suited for seniors.

In order to help seniors narrow down choices, Consumer Reports created a list of new and used vehicles that have a long track record of quality and design that were geared toward seniors. Categories included vehicle access, visibility, front seat comfort, driving position, and controls. Three Toyota models made this list; more than any other automaker. Here is a brief overview of each.

Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon has long been considered a spacious and comfortable ride. A true, reliable cruiser that is quite fuel-efficient. The touring models are engineered for a little more control with the suspension, though it doesn’t take away from the comfort that the Avalon is known for.

The 2015 Avalon gets an estimated 21/31 mpg and is packed with safety features. You can expect the same quality from the 2016 model. If you are in the market for a used vehicle, look out for the optional stability control, though it has been standard since 2009.

Toyota Camry

It’s long been known that the Camry is America’s best-selling mid-size car. And for good reason. Similar to the Avalon, though slightly smaller, the Camry has all the features you need for a comfortable ride. The front seats offer easy access and great visibility in all directions.

One of the reasons for the Camry being the best-selling mid-size car is because of its record of reliability. You can always count on the Camry for quality and fuel-efficiency. The 2016 Camry gets 25/35 mpg, and the Camry Hybrid gets a staggering 43 mpg in the city. Expect the best from Toyota.

Toyota Highlander

The Highlander is an SUV, but it’s a perfect match for seniors who want a little more room for luggage or seating for grandchildren. The 2015 Highlander boasts several other reasons for being a great option for seniors, including a raised seating position and plenty of vision. You’ll be able to see up and over traffic and negotiate busy parking lots with ease. And it handles more like a station wagon than a boxy pick up.

Because it is larger than the Camry and Avalon, it doesn’t get as much miles to the gallon, but at 20/25 you’re not giving up much for the Highlander’s size. (And it is higher than similar models in its class.) Newer models come standard with backup cameras, and since the 2015 Highlander NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating, you can drive with confidence.

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