Your Toyota dealer has some great advice about Tundra accessories

April 25th, 2016 by

Your Toyota dealer has the Tundra accessories you needThe best summer accessories for your Toyota Tundra are easy to get through your Toyota dealer. Summer sports enthusiasts understand how important it is to secure valuable gear. The Toyota Tundra Cargo Divider fits along the deck rail system and allows Tundra drivers to create separate areas of their truck bed to secure equipment and gear safely behind the cab of the truck. The Cargo Divider can secure loads up to 400 pounds, and is a lightweight, powder-coated aluminum material that resists corrosion.

The Locking Fork Bike Rack accessory is essential equipment for anyone hauling expensive bikes. Simply remove the front wheel of the bike and lock the front fork on the front bed rail. This keeps the bike secure. Get from one trail to the next with the most important piece of trail riding equipment safe and secure in the bed of your Tundra.

Increase the bed length of the Toyota Tundra by two feet with the Bed Extender accessory. The Tundra can haul heavy loads with its 5.7-liter V-8 engine, and this Bed Extender accessory offers larger carrying capacity. Essential for hauling a canoe or kayak, this aluminum frame attaches to the open truck bed end with the tailgate down.

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