Toyota Dealerships Sell Nine Million Hybrids

June 13th, 2016 by

Prius: available at your Toyota Dealership

Nine million Toyota hybrids vehicles have left Toyota dealerships since the first Coaster Hybrid EV launched in August of 1997. The first generation of the popular Toyota Prius appeared in December of that year, as well.

Toyota hybrid vehicle sales reached the 9,000,000 mark on April 30 of this year. The positive effect on the environment is staggering.

Toyota calculates that as of April 30, the use of Toyota hybrid vehicles in lieu of conventional vehicles of similar size and driving performance has resulted in approximately 67 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions. Toyota also estimates that its hybrid vehicles have saved approximately 25 million kiloliters of gasoline compared to the amount used by gasoline-powered vehicles in the same class.

Toyota Dealerships report that the Prius is their best-selling hybrid vehicle

Globally, the best-selling hybrid vehicle offered by Toyota is the Prius. Available in four models, this hybrid offers an amazing 50mpg city driving estimate.

Here are a few other popular hybrid options at your Toyota Dealership in Miami:

  • Avalon Hybrid, 40/39 est mpg; technology + luxury
  • Camry Hybrid, 43/39 est mpg; best-selling car in America for 11 of the last 12 years
  • Prius, 54/50 est mpg; the hybrid that started it all
  • Prius v, 43/39 est mpg; seating for 5
  • Prius c, 53/46 est mpg; highest city mpg of any vehicle without a plug


To learn more about your Toyota dealership’s hybrid vehicle options, please contact the helpful customer service team at South Dade Toyota of Homestead, today.



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