Toyota presents automated driving technology at upcoming CES

December 24th, 2015 by

automated driving technology

The Mobility Teammate Concept, released by Toyota in October of 2015 is at the heart of the company’s commitment to creating automated driving technology that increases safety and efficiency without sacrificing the driver’s experience. The innovators at Toyota want to create a relationship between this emerging technology and the driver that is similar to a friendship where both parties look out for each other.

Automated driving technology; A reality by 2020

Automated driving technology development relies heavily on data gathering methods. Toyota is rolling out a new and exciting high-precision map generation system to make road images and vehicle position information easily accessible. A crucial component to their automated driving vehicles, which are scheduled to be available as early as 2020, the system uses information from production vehicles’ on-board cameras to create a composite of accurate and up-to-date information. This technology provides drivers with accurate information about road conditions, speed limits, dividing lines, road signs, and hazards.

The Toyota Central Research and Development Labs, Inc produces automated cloud-based spatial information generation technology that uses information from GPS devices of certain vehicles and road image data to generate images that offer a margin of error that is less than 5 centimeters on straight roads.

The common method for collecting this type of data for use in maps and GPS units is much slower and more expensive. Special vehicles equipped with three-dimensional laser scanners driven through neighborhoods and on highways capture images that are carefully edited to include road signs and markers. These maps are useful, but they are not frequently updated.

The Toyota R&D team integrates various images with image matching technologies to create a composite that integrates road image data from multiple sources. The system updates to the cloud, making it immediately accessible to drivers when they need the information most. The system will be limited to highways and expressways at first, but it’s flexibility will allow it to be scaled up as needed.

Toyota’s high-precision map generation system will be on display soon at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas between January 6 and January 9, 2016.


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