Toyota recycling efforts include zero waste business model

December 31st, 2015 by

Toyota commits to the environment

Toyota NAPO partners with Boles Parts Supply

In an effort to preserve the environment and minimize the amount of waste they generate, Toyota corporate headquarters continues their commitment to recycling through their National Scrap Program. The initiative is just a year old. Toyota has converted over 40,000 pounds of old bumper covers into plastic pellets with the help of Boles Parts Supply. The pellets are recycled into new plastic car parts. Boles Parts Supply is now in charge of all of the recycling for Toyota’s North American Parts Operation plants in ten locations across Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas, and Indiana.

“We’ve been enormously pleased with the success of this program,” said Juliana Dee, manager of the program at NAPO. “Thanks to our partner BPS, we are giving a second life to things that used to be trash and making a real improvement in our recycling rate.”

Toyota recycling efforts include cloth and foam

Over 40,000 pounds of trash, including cloth, foam, glass, and rubber was recycled by Toyota’s largest parts centers in Ontario, California, and Kentucky. These waste materials were previously sent to landfills or incinerated.

Toyota expanded this successful program to include centers in San Francisco, Cincinnati, Portland, and Los Angeles where it redirected 88,000 pounds of trash to recycling centers. This program is so successful that Toyota plans to roll it out to all of its parts distribution centers by mid-2017.

Toyota works toward a zero waste business model

With 28 North American facilities that meet or exceed the “Zero Waste Business” definition set forth by the U.S Zero Waste Business Council, Toyota is steadily working toward a 90 percent diversion of waste from incineration and landfill in order to preserve and protect the environment.

This plan includes end-of-life management in an effort to reduce the amount of waste overall. The 3R Rate waste hierarchy is outlined by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council

Reduce > Reuse > Recycle > Recover Clean > Disposal

To learn more about Toyota’s recycling efforts and their plans to minimize their impact on the environment, check out the 2015 Toyota North American Environmental Report.

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