Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

October 21st, 2014 by

choose ToyotaWhen you live in Miami, you get used to the warm, tropical like weather and it’s easy to forget that it can get cold during the winter months. The average low temperature ranges between 50 and 60 degrees during the winter, so you never have to deal with snow and ice storms like you do in the northern states. However, this is cold enough to have an impact on your vehicle after going through a long hot summer.

Occasionally, it gets even colder and you’ll be dealing with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. When this happens, many people deal with a wide variety of problems that you might be able to prevent by preparing in advance for the winter. Below are three things you can do to get ready.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter by Checking the Battery

There’s nothing more aggravating than getting up and rushing out the door to go to work or to an appointment only to discover that your vehicle will not start because the battery is dead. If your battery is old, now is a good time to have it checked to see if you need a new one.

Even if it’s working fine now, older batteries have a tendency of going dead when the temperature drops and you don’t always have a warning that something is wrong. Therefore, if your battery is more than two or three years old, have it checked to see if you need a new one before the cold weather arrives.

Check the Air Pressure In Your Tires

When the temperature begins to drop, you’ll need to check to see how much air pressure you have in your tires. Normally, the air pressure will drop between one and two pounds for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. Checking the pressure every few weeks or anytime there is a sudden drop in the temperature will help to ensure you’re not driving around with under-inflated tires.

When tires are under-inflated, the outside tread will wear out faster and it can increase fuel consumption. Therefore, taking a few minutes of your time to check the air pressure can save you money and since you’ll get better traction your vehicle will handle better.

If you don’t know what the proper air pressure is for your tires or when you’ve recently purchased a new or used car, you’ll find the recommended pressure listed in the owner’s manual and on the inside of the driver’s side door. If it’s time to buy a new vehicle, you’ll find a nice selection of cars, trucks and SUVs here at South Dade Toyota. Stop by or give us a call today!

Does Your Heater Work?

While maintaining your air conditioner is at the top of the list when you live in Miami, it’s also a good idea to make sure your heater is still working properly. When you’re used to 80 degrees, 50s and 60s can feel very cold. Making sure your heater still works will make your daily commute more comfortable when the temperature does drop.

Getting your vehicle ready for winter now will keep you safer and make it more reliable if you travel north to visit family or friends. Keep in mind that the temperature drops significantly the farther north you travel, so you don’t have to go too far before you’ll notice a big difference in the weather.

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