Ways Toyota Contributes to a Greener World

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MY12_PRC_THREE_DS_78FMost everyone understands how important it is to take steps to reduce the carbon footprint they leave behind. You teach your children how everything you do from recycling the trash to turning the lights off when you leave a room makes a difference. Homeowners look for ways to conserve energy and many consumers buy eco-friendly products. Everything we do to help the environment does make a difference. However, when large corporations take a stand to help protect the environment, it has a huge impact.

Toyota is one such company that has made a commitment to decrease the environmental impact they have on the planet. For years, the company has worked to find ways to help protect precious resources and reduce the amount of harmful emissions released into the air daily. Toyota takes their commitment seriously and they always look for new ways to make a difference, starting with the way they design their automobiles.

Toyota Contributes to a Greener World through Their Vehicles

The first and most obvious way that Toyota contributes to a greener world is by manufacturing some of the most fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles on the market today. From the small compact cars that use less fuel to the hybrids, Toyota has a lot to offer when it comes to helping the planet. You can visit our showroom here at South Dade Toyota to get a better idea of the huge selections of vehicles available.

Toyota has made a commitment to show respect for the planet by finding ways to contribute to creating a greener world. However, manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles is just one way in which they work to protect the environment. Manufacturing these vehicles in green plants is another way that goes a long ways in reducing the carbon footprint they leave behind.

Green Manufacturing Plants

Toyota knows that to make a difference you have to practice green habits in everything you do. It’s for this reason that the manufacturing plants used to build these vehicles are also environmentally friendly. Toyota has taken steps to eliminate waste by using recyclable products, which has made it possible for them to have several U.S. plants that do not send waste to landfills. That’s quite an accomplishment!

The United States Green Building Council created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. They recognize and certify companies that implement green strategies if they meet their specific standards. Several Toyota plants have received LEED certifications because they meet the energy and water consumption standards and because they use renewable energy sources to help reduce the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process.

For more than a decade, Toyota manufacturing plants have saved millions of gallons of water every year and they have greatly reduced their energy usage. In fact, they’ve also received several Energy Star Sustained Excellence awards for their efforts to manage and reduce the amount of energy used during the production of their vehicles.

Toyota is one of the leading corporations in the auto industry and they’re known for manufacturing dependable vehicles and for contributing to a greener world.

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