Wearing Google Glass and Driving: Should It Be Legal or Illegal?

October 7th, 2014 by

MY12_PRC_THREE_DS_78FBy now, most everyone has heard about Google Glass but in case you haven’t it’s an amazing piece of technology that’s making quite an impression. You can describe it as a mini computer built inside a headset. The headset looks and feels much like a pair of glasses but the small screen is located just outside of your line of vision so you have to glance up to receive notifications.

You can check your emails and make or answer phone calls using the device in addition to taking photos, launching apps and searching the web. You can operate the device using voice command by saying a particular phrase that you program into it. You can also tap or swipe the touchpad located over the earpiece or simply looking up at the screen will wake the device.

Purpose behind Wearing Goggle Glass

This technology makes it possible for you to access the Internet anywhere, anytime and its purpose is to help people be more interactive with the world around them, while staying connected. People spend a lot of time looking down at their Smartphones while the world revolves around them but Glass allows you to look up and around you while viewing information.

You can access your emails, messages, etc. as soon as they come in instead of filtering through long list of information. For this reason, it’s believed that using Glass can help free up more of your time to spend with friends and family. Google Glass even has a second screen designed to receive notifications from your Smartphone. While this technology is amazing, many are asking the question, should you wear the device when driving?

Should You Wear Google Glass and Drive

Everyone knows that you need to keep your eyes on the road when driving and there are all types of campaigns in place to help educate the public on how distractions cause accidents. Texting while driving is connected to so many accidents that it’s illegal to drive and text in most states, which is why this new device is being questioned.

The auto industry is going to great lengths to make vehicles safer to drive. Vehicles like the 2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Sedan have all types of safety features such as traction control, ABS brakes, extra airbags and even a panic alarm. With all of the efforts put on safety, many people are upset about having access to a new device that can distract drivers. They believe it should be illegal to wear Glass and drive.

On the other hand, many people believe that wearing the device is safe to use and drive because it’s less distracting than using a cell phone. They believe that since you are glancing up looking at the screen instead of down at a phone, it poses very little distraction and should remain legal. The article Google Glass Faces Driving Bans as States Move to Bar Use discusses the issue in more detail.

The main problem may lie more with drivers than with the actual technology. If used responsibly, it may not be a problem but in the hands of someone easily distracted or who can’t seem to resist the temptation of staying plugged in, it could be deadly. It’s definitely a very interesting piece of technology with many benefits but how do you feel about it? Should wearing Google Glass while driving be legal or illegal?

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