Auto Recycling: A Multi-Million Dollar Industry

April 10th, 2014 by

Auto RecyclingEvery year consumers look forward to seeing what new vehicles will roll off the assembly line and they can’t wait to see what new features they’ll have. As technology advances, the auto industry creates vehicles that are more comfortable, safer and even more fuel-efficient and there are a lot of anxious consumers waiting to buy them. Trading your old vehicle in for a new one is very exciting but have you ever wonder what happens to your old vehicle after you trade it in for a new one?

When you trade in your vehicle, the first thing the dealer does is send it to the auto shop to be inspected. The mechanic will go over the vehicle from one end to the other to determine its condition. If it’s in good shape, the Toyota dealership in Miami that took it as a trade will make all repairs needed, clean it up and when the vehicle is dependable, the dealer will place on the used car lot for resale. Everytime you buy a used car, you’re recycling.

What Happens If the Vehicle Is Not In Good Shape?

In the event the Toyota dealer determines that the cost to make the vehicle dependable is too high, he will usually sell it to the junk yard to be stripped so the parts can be recycled. Once at the junk yard, everything on the vehicle that is still in good condition will eventually be sold. This includes windshields, seats, door panels, radios and hoods to name a few items but there are many more.

Auto shops and individuals can buy the parts to make repairs to their vehicles, instead of buying new parts. This saves the buyer money and helps the environment. Once there is nothing left to salvage, the remaining parts of the vehicle is sent to the crusher.

This machine will crush each one of the vehicles into large blocks of scrap metal and steel that makes it easy to transport to the recycling center. At the recycling center, the crushed blocks go through a huge shredded and the small pieces of steel and metal is separated from non-recyclable materials and eventually used in all types of new products.

Advantages of Auto Recycling

Auto recycling is a multi-million dollar industry that plays a major role in the world’s industrial infrastructure. Recycled steel and metal is used to make all types of products and all new steel produced today is made up of about one-fourth recycled steel. Without the recycling process, all of this steel and metal would be wasting away somewhere in a landfill. Recycling automobiles greatly reduces the amount of mined ore, which helps preserve natural resources and it helps to keep the cost of metal and steel down.

There are many advantages to recycling old vehicles with the environmental impact being at the top of the list. Using recycled metals reduces the amount of energy needed in the construction of new vehicles significantly, which helps to reduce pollution. It reduces landfill waste and keeps the cost of steel and metal down. Therefore, auto recycling is a multi-million dollar industry that benefits everyone in some way.

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