Must Have Car Safety Features

May 6th, 2014 by

US_TM12_804_BManufacturers are always looking for ways to make vehicles safer and there have been some amazing advancements through the years. Take the anti-lock braking system for example. This is a safety feature that all new vehicles have. When something runs out in front of you or another vehicle cuts you off, most people respond by slamming on the brakes.

In older vehicles, that can contribute to accidents because it causes the vehicle to slide making it easy to lose control. The anti-lock braking system is designed to keep the brakes from locking when someone slams on the brakes. This gives the driver more control over the vehicle, which can help to reduce the risk of having an accident. The anti-lock braking system is mandatory on all new vehicles but the following must have car safely features are not.

Forward Collision Avoidance System

The forward collision avoidance system can help prevent many accidents. It only takes a second for driving conditions to change. The car in front of you may slam on the brake without warning while you’re glancing away to check the traffic behind you and the next thing you know, it’s too late to stop.

This new system sounds an alarm warning you something is wrong when you get too close to the car in front of you giving you time to slow down or stop before you run into them. You can also buy vehicles that have side-view assist sensors that can help you avoid accidents when changing lanes. These sensors pick up vehicles in your blind spot and alert you with a beep or light in the side mirror that a vehicle is there when you turn on your signal.

Extra Airbags

Dual front airbags come standard on all vehicles and they offer better protection today than ever before. For example, some of the newer models have weight sensors that will keep it from deploying if children are in the front seat but it’s still recommended that anyone under 13 sit in the backseat. Airbags do help save lives and today, some vehicles are designed with extra airbags to provide even more protection.

Some of the newer vehicles have inflatable seat belt airbags and there are two types of side airbags available in some vehicles, which are the torso and the curtain airbags. The new Toyota Camry even has knee airbags for front passengers, along with seat-mounted side airbags for both the front and rear passengers.

Backup Cameras and Sensors

Many accidents and injuries have occurred when drivers are backing up. Drivers have run into cars, bikes, toys and even other people when backing out of driveways and in parking lots because it’s so hard to see but you can eliminate that problem with a backup camera or sensors. Backup cameras have a display window, usually mounted in the dash. These show you what’s behind your vehicle as you’re backing up and the reverse backup sensors beep when you get close to something.

These extra safety features can help to protect you and your passengers by reducing the risks of having an accident or by offering added protection if something does happen. Learn more about us and what we offer here. We can help get you into a new Toyota today.

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