Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car

May 27th, 2014 by

US_PHV12_558_BMany times buying a used car is more practical than purchasing a new one. As soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot, the value drops significantly and it drops even more after the second and third year of ownership.

Some can depreciate in value as much as sixty to seventy percent of the original price but it really depends on the type of vehicle you’re buying. For example, the more popular models don’t depreciate as quickly as the less popular ones.

Regardless of the Blue Book value, most of these vehicles are still in great shape when the owners trade them in for new ones. Many times, people trade them because they simply enjoy having the newest models available or because their needs change. As a result, you can get some really great deals on excellent vehicles when you buy used cars.

Due to the lower value, they sell for much less than new ones and they can make you a great ride. However, to ensure you make the right choice, there are a few things to consider when buying a used car.

The Age of the Vehicle Matters

Buying a used car that’s three to five years old can be a great investment. Most of these used cars are in great shape, provided the owner serviced them properly. They’re also new enough to have many of the latest safety features such as side airbags, traction control and backup cameras that can help keep you safer when on the road.

The older the vehicle, the fewer features it’ll have so it’s something to think about. If you have children or do a lot of driving, it may be best to look for the newer models that have these extra features.

Another thing to look at when you consider the age of the vehicle is the mileage. Just because a vehicle is only four or five years old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in good shape. If the owner did a lot of driving and put an excessive number of miles on the vehicle, then it may be wise to look for something else.

Not all Dealerships Are the Same

There are always risks involved when buying a used car. You could end up with a vehicle that was involved in a serious wreck, one that had flood damage or one that the owner didn’t take care of. Sometimes, these vehicles do end up on car lots, so you have to be careful where you buy your used car.

You can reduce your risks and ensure you get a good used car you can depend on when you buy from a reputable Toyota dealership in Miami. They make sure the cars are in good condition before placing them on the lot to be sold. You can even buy certified used Toyotas that include an extended warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a great car you can depend on.

Buying a used car is often the more practical choice but take steps to make sure you’re buying one that is dependable. Check the mileage and look for vehicles that are only three to five years old. This way, you can take advantage of the newer technology that can keep you safer on the road while still getting a great deal.

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