Toyota Corolla & RAV4 are the #1 bestselling new cars in South Florida

June 6th, 2017 by

At South Dade Toyota, we are celebrating that four of our most iconic models are featured in the Sun Sentinel’s Top 30 Bestselling New Cars in South Florida.

The article was written by Ron Hurtibise, using data from IHS Markit, a data and analytics company, that took into account retail sales, consumer leases, and fleet sales to distributors.

Based on the research, consumers in the South Florida market prefer small to midsize imported sedans, while consumers in the rural areas in the middle of the country prefer to drive trucks.

The list features the #1 best-selling car in South Florida the Toyota Corolla, at #5 the best-selling light truck in South Florida the Toyota RAV4 (#1 in the light truck category) and the list continues with the Toyota Camry at #3 and finally the Toyota Tacoma at #22.

The Sun Sentinel registered 5,399 new registrations for Toyota Corollas in the current year. Hurtibise gives credit to the Corolla for doing so well mainly due to “Toyota’s longtime market presence in the state.” This allows the Corolla and other models to compete against popular sedans from other manufacturers.

All the award winning models are available for a test drive and leasing at South Dade Toyota. All you have to do is schedule a test drive. You’ll see why our models are the top choices for best selling new cars in South Florida as they are affordable, dependable, and of the highest quality.

At South Dade Toyota, we are glad to be of service to our customers. We also feel honored that you let the sentiment of brand loyalty to flourish as we strive to keep you satisfied at all times.

You can read the full Sun Sentinel article here.

Take a look at the award-winning model’s new inventory below:

#1. Toyota Corolla at South Dade Florida

#3. Toyota Camry at South Dade Florida

#5. Toyota RAV4 at South Dade Florida (#1 in the Light Truck category)

#22. Toyota Tacoma at South Dade Florida

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